Local Natural Gas — Immediate Solution to Pakistan Power Crisis

Power crises and its viable solutions have been extensively debated in the recent past. Energy experts have differing views on this critical issue, and I have added my views to this important debate which surely requires quick action. While suggesting any solution, one needs to keep affordability (costing/ pricing) and availability (net thermal efficiency/ usage) of resources/ electricity in view. There are no quick fixes to this problem at hand but surely some options could help in addressing this issue quicker than others. The quantum of the issue is so large (demand-supply deficit of 6000-7000 MWs and growing) that the solution has to be such that it would address this deficit adequately, e.g., Alternate Energy Fuels – Wind, Solar, Waste-to-Energy, Run-of-the-River, etc. – could be a supplemental fuels but can’t possibly be the main fuels to address this large gap.

Publisher: Daily Dawn

Originally Published: September 1, 2014

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Stated above is a solution to address the immediate power shortages for which the estimated timeline is 1-3 years. For the medium term (4-6 years), Coal, particularly that which is locally mined. The long term (7 year and beyond) solution vests in hydro power projects. To achieve a proper fuel-mix, alternate fuels to the extent of say 1/4th of that, is an absolute essential from the long-term energy security perspective. This can be achieved at the lowest possible costs which should not cross
single digit ever.

This thesis makes the argument for consolidated Energy Ministry (merger of Ministry of Water & Power and Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources) more cogent.

I must emphasize that the above discussion is merely one piece of the equation to achieve the most affordable, long-term sustainable energy supply in the Country. Solution to the second piece – Transmission and Distribution – is equally important which I would like to cover in my next article.

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