Zafar Masud

Zafar Masud talks about 30 interminably long seconds before the crash, his miraculous survival and recovery, and the pressing need for improvement of domestic flight standards and safety. Watch Video...

Franklin Covey Interview

Join Zafar Masud, CEO of the Bank of Punjab and one of two surviving passengers of the May 2020 Pakistan International Airlines crash, as he shares his harrowing story of survival. Hear the life-changing lessons he learned as a leader as he strives to leave a lasting legacy.

In this interview, Mr. Masud shares the events of the May 22, 2020 crash and its aftermath, how the last-minute switch of his seat on the plane saved his life, and the survivor's guilt that he had to face on the road to recovery. 

Zafar Masud Foundation

Passengers’ Safety First!

The best way to keep people safe is to prevent a crash from happening. But even if a crash does occur, many injuries can be avoided by using proven injury prevention strategies, escape techniques and survival strategies. Zafar Masud Foundation aims at establishing the very purpose of “Passenger Safety” and what one can do to keep him/her-self, and those you love safe! Lets envisage to: “Endeavour to Change the Numbers! Spread the Word about Passenger Safety.”

Non-governmental organizations and the private sector can help raise awareness both locally and globally, as committed citizens, employers and socially responsible corporate entities. Finally, while there are many interventions that can save lives and limbs, social will and commitment are essential and without them little can be achieved. The time to act is now. Passengers everywhere deserve better and safer travel. ” Change the numbers! Spread the Word about Passenger Safety”.