It is ‘all in’ Fiscal Account: Part II

In the previous article, we had focused on the fiscal policy challenges and how it was driving the current economic crisis. In today’s article, we argue for finding evidence based solutions to tackle our financial challenges and devising a home grown roadmap for equitable prosperity.


It is ‘all in’ Fiscal Account: Part I

The economic challenges facing Pakistan today are daunting and the roadmap for enhancing wealth and prosperity for the 230+ million citizens needs to be fostered. While the resumption of the IMF program is critical for addressing our immediate financial needs, their standard prescriptions may only address our short-term challenges.


Infrastructure Financing Gap

On the 14th of March 2023, InfraZamin Pakistan hosted the country’s first-ever summit on infrastructure titled “Building for Impact” in Karachi, featuring international speakers and representatives from numerous public and private institutions. A key area of focus of the conference was to explore the most viable avenues of financing that are required for infrastructure projects in Pakistan.

‘Environmentally sustainable’ bonds

Pakistan faces a significant challenge to finance its large trade deficits and external debt repayments. This is reflected in the sharp drawdown of the SBP (State Bank of Pakistan) foreign currency reserves in the last one year, from a peak of $ 20 billio ...


Mentoring Youth — Banking and Economy

Youth is indicator of how developed a country is, how fast or slow economy grows The following was composed as an address to the 17th Youth Parliament, organised by Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency, on August 28, 2022. I ...