Zafar Masud at BOP Townhouse Gathering Peshawar

The glimpse of BOP Townhall gathering held in Peshawar, uniting staff from both Peshawar and Islamabad regions. Zafar Masud (President & CEO – BOP) alongside the senior leadership, guided the engaging session, cultivating dialogue and disseminating insights regarding the company’s trajectory. This initiative was designed to enhance cohesion and openness, underscoring the bank’s dedication to its employees.

Happy Independence Day Message by Zafar Masud

Join us on this remarkable journey as we express our heartfelt thanks and honor the nation’s progress. At the Bank of Punjab, our commitment to customers, cutting-edge technology, and responsible banking shines bright.
As we celebrate our unity, let’s remember our dedicated employees and stakeholders who drive innovation and contribute to Pakistan’s growth and stability.
Together, we shape a brighter future.

Zafar Masud with Irtiza Kazmi — Complete Discussion

Mr. Irtiza Kazmi In discussion with Mr. Zafar Masud, President and CEO of the Bank of Punjab. Candid and informative analysis of various aspects of Pakistan’s economic situation. Gain valuable insights into Pakistan’s economic challenges and possible solutions as we delve into an engaging conversation with the brilliant mind of Zafar Masud.