Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome: Pakistan and its Captors —Its Multilateral Agencies and Partners

Pakistan seems to be suffering from the same syndrome. The obsession and the unwavering trust in multilateral agencies, including IMF, and the traditional foreign bilateral partners, particularly Saudi Arabia in the context of helicopter money, and the bells & whistles attached with the helping-hand ever extended by them in the past, fits the bill perfectly to categorise the situation, as such, in the context.

Pakistan's Power Sector Crisis

Pakistan Power Sector Agenda: Issues and Solutions of T&D Sub-Sector

Pakistan has been faced with power crises and its multiplier effect on the economy for decades. This issue has been reviewed extensively and many options have been debated by experts at private and governmental level. I would like to add my views to this important debate which surely requires quick action. In order to have a coherent and meaningful debate on this subject, it’s critical to divide this topic into two distinct parts – transmission and distribution (T&D or Discos), and generation.

Immediate Solution to Pakistan Power Crisis

Local Natural Gas — Immediate Solution to Pakistan Power Crisis

PAKISTAN’S energy crisis and its viable solutions have been extensively debated in the recent past. Two factors that must be kept in mind when discussing any solution are affordability (cost and pricing) and availability (net thermal efficiency/usage) of fuel and electricity. There are no quick fixes to this problem, but some options exist to accelerate the resolution of the issues.