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A tribute to Inspiring Leader by LEXICON Leaders

Meet Mr Zafar Masud

Chairman, Pakistan Banks’ Association

Chairman, Oil & Gas Development Company Ltd.

President & CEO The Bank of Punjab

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Zafar Masud is a seasoned banker and entrepreneur, focus on Development Finance, with 27 years of proven track record of success and delivery. Served at top positions for multinational banks in Pakistan and abroad, including Regional Managing Director & CEO for Southern Africa, Barclays Bank US plc. – responsible for three countries and represented on Board of Directors, managing total balance sheet size of US$3Bn and around 10,000 people. Worked at senior levels in Citi bank, Dubai Islamic Bank and American Express.

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Lexicon Leaders further added “Before that until August 2018, worked as Director General, National Savings Bank, Ministry of Finance – Pakistan. Initiated digitization of organization, including online banking and ATM Cards with the support of GATES FOUNDATION, Department for International Development (DFID) and The World Bank. Successfully included Persons with Disabilities and Shuhadah Families in welfare products of National Savings and set in motion launch of Overseas Pakistanis Savings Certificates.”

“Most recently, was working as CEO (Interim) for InfraZamin Pakistan – a DfID, UK driven initiative – a first of its kind credit enhancement company for social infrastructure financing in Pakistan.” Added Lexicon Leaders.

Has extensive experience of working at Board of Directors level for major public and private sector entities including State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) , Member of Independent Monitory Policy Committee, Oil & Gas Development Company Ltd., Port Qasim Authority, Quaid-e-Azam Thermal Power (Private) Limited and GADOON TEXTILE MILLS LIMITED (Part of YBG)

Member of IMF motivated Task Force on Framing SOE Law, set-up by the Ministry of Finance.

Regular contributor to the local media on the topics of finance, economics and energy.

Seasoned Banker and Visionary Leader: Zafar Masud Takes the Helm of Pakistan Banks’ Association

Pakistan’s financial sector witnessed a changing of the guard recently as Mr. Zafar Masud, a highly respected figure in the banking industry, assumed the chairmanship of the Pakistan Banks’ Association (PBA). This appointment comes at a crucial time for the nation’s economy, and Masud’s extensive experience is expected to be a valuable asset.

LEXICON Leaders, a prominent platform recognizing leadership excellence, recently shared a detailed profile highlighting Masud’s impressive career trajectory. Masud’s journey began over two decades ago, and he has since established himself as a seasoned banker and entrepreneur with a particular focus on development finance.

A Global Banking Acumen

The social media post by LEXICON Leaders delves into Masud’s illustrious career, showcasing his leadership positions across various multinational banks in Pakistan and internationally. His experience managing a US$3 billion balance sheet and a team of 10,000 employees as the Regional Managing Director & CEO for Southern Africa at Barclays Bank stands as a testament to his global banking acumen.

Shaping Pakistan’s Financial Landscape and Beyond

Prior to his current role as PBA Chairman, Masud served as the President & CEO of The Bank of Punjab (BOP), the second-largest public sector bank in the country. His leadership at BOP further cemented his reputation as a driving force in shaping Pakistan’s financial landscape.

A Champion for Innovation and Inclusion

LEXICON Leaders’ tribute sheds light on Masud’s commitment to innovation. During his stint as Director General of National Savings at the Ministry of Finance, he spearheaded the organization’s digitization, with initiatives like online banking and ATM cards implemented with the support of prestigious institutions like the Gates Foundation and the World Bank. This focus on digital transformation not only improved efficiency but also expanded financial inclusion for the Pakistani public.

Masud’s dedication to social responsibility is also noteworthy. He successfully ensured the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities and families of fallen soldiers (Shuhadah Families) in National Savings’ welfare programs. Furthermore, his role as CEO (Interim) for InfraZamin Pakistan, a unique credit enhancement company focused on social infrastructure financing, underlines his commitment to fostering inclusive growth that empowers all segments of society.

A Well-Rounded Leader with a Strategic Vision

Masud’s experience extends beyond the realm of banking. He has served on the Boards of Directors of prominent public and private sector entities, including the State Bank of Pakistan, Oil & Gas Development Company Ltd., and Port Qasim Authority. His contributions extend to shaping national economic policy as a member of the IMF motivated Task Force on Framing SOE Law. This well-rounded background allows Masud to approach challenges from a strategic perspective, considering not just the financial sector but its role within the broader Pakistani economy.

A Voice for the Industry

Masud’s well-respected voice is a valuable asset to the PBA. His regular contributions to the media on topics related to finance, economics, and energy demonstrate his deep understanding of the economic landscape and his willingness to engage in constructive dialogue. This ability to communicate complex issues effectively will be crucial in leading the PBA and advocating for the banking sector’s role in Pakistan’s economic development.

Looking Ahead

The appointment of Zafar Masud as Chairman of the PBA is a cause for optimism within Pakistan’s banking sector. His proven track record, combined with his commitment to innovation, social responsibility, and strategic vision, positions him well to lead the industry through the current economic climate and into the future. Masud’s leadership is expected to not only strengthen the banking sector but also contribute to Pakistan’s overall economic growth and prosperity.

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