Mr. Zafar Masud Elected as Chairman PBA (Pakistan Bank’s Association)

The PBA Management and Executive Committee are pleased to announce the names of its new office bearers, Mr. Zafar Masud, President & CEO – The Bank of Punjab (BOP) as the new Chairman PBA, Mr. Yousaf Hussain, President & CEO – Faysal Bank Limited as the new Senior Vice Chairman – PBA, and Mr. Ahmed Bozai, Managing Director & Citi Country Officer – Citi bank N.A., Pakistan as the new Vice Chairman – PBA. 

The Association congratulates the unanimously elected individuals and firmly believes that, under the new leadership, PBA will continue to effectively represent the banking sector through further nurturing close relationships with all the key stakeholders, including the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). It will increase its focus on aligning banks to further build up the technology & digital framework, maintain the highest compliance standards, and play a strong role in increasing financial inclusion in the country.

Chairman PBA

Chairman PBA

Mr. Zafar Masud
(President & CEO – The Bank of Punjab)

Mr. Zafar Masud is a development and social impact focused banker, entrepreneur and public sector expert with a 30-year career in International Banking, Development Finance, Energy and Corporate Governance.

Mr. Masud has served as a Member of the Board of Directors of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), and has contributed to the revitalization & transformation of National Savings, Ministry of Finance (MOF). He also rendered his services as Director on the Boards of major public and private sector entities. Since April 2020, Mr. Zafar Masud has been serving as President & CEO of The Bank of Punjab (BOP) – the second largest public sector bank in the country. He is also leading the Board of Directors of Oil & Gas Development Company Limited – the largest entity in Pakistan in terms of market capitalization, as its non-executive Chairman.

Mr. Masud is an MBA (’93) with specialization in Banking from the most prestigious Institute of Business Administration, University of Karachi (IBA Karachi). He’s also an alum of the world-renowned business school Insead, Fontainebleau France Campus, qualified in Corporate Governance. He’s a regular contributor to local and international media, including Ted Talks, etc., on the topics of banking,
economics and energy and is also an author of a publication in two volumes titled “Out of the Box”
which is a collection of his various newspaper articles, write-up and presentations on these topics.


Zafar Masud as the new Chairman of Pakistan Bank’s Association

Zafar Masud, the current President & CEO of The Bank of Punjab, has been elected as the Chairman of the Pakistan Banks’ Association (PBA).

This election follows the appointment of the former PBA Chairman, Muhammad Aurangzeb, as the Federal Minister of Finance and Revenue for Pakistan.

The PBA Executive Committee recently convened and unanimously appointed Masud, who was serving as the Senior Vice Chairman of the association. Concurrently, Yousaf Hussain, the President & CEO of Faysal Bank, ascended to the position of Senior Vice Chairman of PBA.

Additionally, Ahmed Khan Bozai, the Managing Director & Citi Country Officer for Citibank N.A. in Pakistan, has been elected as the Vice Chairman.

The association expressed its confidence that the new leadership would continue to advocate for the banking sector, emphasizing the importance of collaboration with key stakeholders such as the State Bank of Pakistan.

Acknowledgment was given to Muhammad Aurangzeb for his impactful contributions during his tenure as Chairman.

The PBA is optimistic that under Masud’s chairmanship and the stewardship of the Executive Committee, the association will achieve notable progress and milestones.

Zafar Masud is a seasoned banker and entrepreneur with a focus on Development Finance, boasting a 27-year track record of success and delivery. He has held top positions at multinational banks both in Pakistan and abroad.

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