Zafar Masud on TEDx Lahore Studio — What I Learned as a Survivor

Watch the video to hear about the chilling account of the heart-wrenching plane crash. Zafar Masud talks about his experience as one of the only two plane crash survivors. In this TEDx talk, he shares what he learned through the Flight 8303 crash on May 22, 2020, and how it has impacted his life in the following years.

Mr. Masud recalls boarding the flight on May 22 without any feelings of impending doom or anxiety. As the plane ascended, all was well, and the flight was smooth and eventless, up until it wasn’t. The landing gear started malfunctioning as the aircraft was about to land on the runway. As the plane circled back for another landing attempt on the runway, the planes’ engines stopped working altogether, resulting in the devastating crash. In this talk, Mr. Masud shares his eye-witness account of the catastrophic tragedy in excruciating detail, his injuries, survivor’s guilt, and his life moving forward.

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