Zafar Masud with Naeem Sikandar Podcast

Mr. Zafar Masud in a Podcast with Naeem Sikandar (NSP) discusses solutions to transform Pakistan’s economy.

Zafar Masud in a Podcast with Naeem Sikandar

He shared his expert thoughts and opinions on the subjects of IMF, debt, taxation, real estate, cash economy and other internal and external financial matters associated with the Pakistan’s economy. This podcast was originally posted on @NaeemSikandar official YouTube Channel.

About Naeem Sikandar

Naeem Sikandar is the host at Naeem Sikandar Podcast and a serial entrepreneur with over| 450,000 followers and 60+ million viewership on social media.

He started with humble beginnings and studied computer systems engineering and found a way to make money on the Internet.

Naeem Sikandar started off with Kindle and authored and published over 400 eBooks in different niches and categories.

His expertise lie in building and scaling eCommerce spaces. He has also been very successful in exiting eCommerce brands and have sold 4 companies so far.

Naeem is also a coach and a consultant in the eBook publishing and eCommerce space. Has coached thousands of clients on achieving financial freedom through publishing and eCommerce.

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