“The whole idea of Blue Economy is very noble”

The whole idea of blue economy is very Noble. It’s unexplored, the International Community is also toying with this idea. Whereas there’s a patchwork going in different places. And Pakistan is obviously still behind in terms of coming up the curve and capitalizing on the potential that this poses for the country. Now given that fact, I think there is a large potential like for example, IT we talk about there’s a large potential on external account support and fiscal account support that exists through this sector blue economy and that has now given rise to the importance of the sector for Pakistan as well. Yes CPEC has played a major role, but then we’ve seen World Bank taking a lead on this as well. But these are our indigenous requirements as well as I just mentioned to you. On the external account front, on the fiscal account front, which is kind of motivated organization like ourselves, to explore this and start working on this for the future of Pakistan, for a sustainable economic growth, and then obviously helping the institution like ourselves in terms of making sure that we will have continuous growth for a longer period of time.

Mr. Zafar Masud

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