Mr. Zafar Mausd Sheds Light on how BOP has facilitated middle to lower class of Pakistan

Mr. Zafar Masud, in the extract of an interview with VCast, discusses how BOP has facilitated middle to lower class of Pakistan via its SME, agriculture and low-cost housing sector, aka priority sector banking.

He says that its the biggest challenge for any leader is to create ‘operational silos’ within the organisation between departments with very different nature and requirements, yet get them to collaborate closely, so that they will be able to deliver to the best of their capability in their respective domains by avoiding any territorial issues.

Mr. Zafar Masud added that we have achieved such efficiency in Bank of Punjab however he feels that there is a long road ahead and that such culture is developed and evolved over time.

“If your team’s mindset does not align with the overall idea and vision of your business, you cannot work together even for two days.”

Zafar Masud

Focusing on the people, he explains that for a successful business, its important to include like-minded individuals with who correspond and agree and with the overall strategy and mindset of the business.


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