Mr. Zafar Masud on Pinktober Awareness Campaign

Mr. Zafar Masud talks about the BOP Pinktober Awareness Campaign, which aims to raise awareness regarding Breast Cancer and encourage women to get screening through mammography as early detection can save lives.

Every year in October, we celebrate Pinktober. We conduct a month-long breast cancer awareness campaign across our offices. The intention behind the campaign is to build momentum and awareness regarding breast cancer, by offering messages and sponsored screenings for employees. To educate and empower our people, both men and women about breast health and the importance of regular testing. Approximately 1 in every 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives, and more distressing still, the incidence of breast cancer increases substantially after the age of 40. The means to deal with this issue have gotten more viable, more accessible and more effective as well. Early detection using mammography, not only reduces the risk of death from breast cancer but also expands the range of available treatment options. Extensive research demonstrates the advent of newer screening technologies and methods reduces the risk even farther. Numerous women report that the reason they do not choose to get tested include; fear of finding out that something is wrong, discomfort associated with the screening procedure and the lack of awareness regarding when to get screened and what the procedure entails. This Pinktober our objective is to settle this and any other concerns so that ignorance and nervousness about breast cancer can give way to awareness education. Join us in this vital and noble cause so that we may all do our part to quell the stigmas, to become more empathetic, more understanding and more knowledgeable about this menace. The bank of Punjab continues to stand resolutely with our people, their families and their well being. Let’s together, close the care gap.

Zafar Masud

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