Mr. Zafar Masud at MOU Signing Sindh Enterprise Development Fund

BOP and SEDF have signed an MOU for subsidized credit to Sindh’s priority business segments, promoting SME growth. Mr. Zafar Masud (President & CEO – BOP) and Mr. Khizer Pervaiz (CEO – SEDF) lauded the initiative, foreseeing economic acceleration and support for SMEs in challenging conditions. The collaboration underscores their collective commitment to boost investments and contribute to Sindh’s economic development.

In a significant move towards economic advancement, the Sindh Enterprise Development Fund (SEDF) and the Bank of Punjab (BOP) have entered into an Institutional Collaboration Agreement. This union is celebrated by key figures such as Mr. Mureed Rahimoon from the Investment Department, SEDF’s CEO Mr. Khizar Pervaiz, and BOP’s CEO Mr. Zafar Masud.

This collaboration signifies a strategic alliance aimed at leveraging the collective strengths and expertise of SEDF and BOP. Together, SEDF and BOP will prove their strengths to empower SMEs, attract investments, and stimulate economic growth in Sindh, setting a benchmark for innovation and business success.

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