Mr. Zafar Masud and Others at Infrastructure Summit 2023 on ‘Building for Impact’

If I were to plot a 10-year GDP forecast, including the backlog of infrastructure, the requirement is around PKR 5 Trillion a year for project and infrastructure financing.

Mr. Zafar Masud, President & CEO Bank of Punjab

We have seen the devastation that floods have caused in Pakistan – this was a preventable situation if we had just invested in our agricultural irrigation infrastructure better.

Maheen Rahman, CEO InfraZamin Pakistan

Pakistan’s requirement for infrastructure spending far outstrips the government’s capacity to finance it. It is therefore imperative for the private sector to play a pivotal role in providing long-term financing options to address this massive infrastructure gap.

InfraZamin Pakistan , backed by PIDG and Guarantco, is uniquely positioned to catalyze this private-sector investment by providing Credit Enhancement Guarantees in local currency.

Earlier in March, InfraZamin and the Nutshell Group hosted The Infrastructure Summit 2023 – bringing together all key stakeholders to discuss capital market development for infrastructure investments, and the role of financial institutions in extending tenures for infrastructure projects.

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