Legacy Amongst Tragedy — Franklin Covey Interview

Join Zafar Masud, CEO of the Bank of Punjab, founder of Zafar Masud Foundation, and only two surviving passengers of the devastating Flight 8303 crash. Learn about his story of survival, perseverance, and road to recovery. Hear the life-changing lessons he learned as a leader as he strives to leave a lasting legacy.

In this interview, Mr. Masud shares the events of the May 22, 2020 crash and its aftermath, how the last-minute switch of his seat on the plane saved his life, and the survivor’s guilt that he had to face on the road to recovery. 

He recalls the flight being calm and uneventful until they tried to land in Karachi, where the landing gear malfunctioned during the first attempt, grazing the runway causing damage to the aircraft. During this period, the pilots were in contact with the air traffic control (ATC) and were directed to ensure a safe landing. However, when the second attempt to land was made, the aircraft’s engines shut down mid-flight, causing the plane to nosedive—resulting in the catastrophic crash.

Zafar Masud was one of the only two survivors of the crash, and his survival story is nothing short of miraculous. The interview highlights the thoughts that went through his head as the plane neared its inevitable doom—how the flight crew reacted and the situation in the aircraft during that time. 

Mr. Masud also talks about his role as the CEO of the Bank of Punjab and how he brought innovation and change to the organization. He discusses how he tackled the lack of reforms, proper structure, broken communication, and constraints of the BOP and how he handled the issues faced due to the Covid-19 global pandemic. His work brought forth a revolution in the Bank of Punjab and the whole banking sector, making the BOP a choice employer due to changes in policies, operating procedures, reformations, and innovation.

Mr. Masud talks about the lessons he learned from this tragedy, how his survival was a miraculous experience, and how he believes that he is now living a bonus life. He also shares the importance of trusting other people and practicing tolerance and forgiveness. Watch the full interview to learn more about the lessons he learned and the difficulties and hardships that moulded him into the man he is today.

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