X-Deputy CEO Zong Praises Zafar Masud for Kind Initiatives

I had the pleasure of attending the wheelchair cricket tournament final in Islamabad. It was so exciting to see our people of determination excelling in cricket. They are the Asian Champions. I am extremely grateful to Mr. Zafar Masud (President & CEO of The Bank of Punjab) for supporting such unique initiatives. His commitment, foresight, and his resolve in this regard are certainly helping in revolutionizing and bringing forward the people of determination in Pakistan. It will help in creating new opportunities for their future. We all need to work together to ensure PWCC (Pakistan Wheelchair Cricket Council) becomes the World Champion. I am thankful to Mr. Ijaz ur Rehman Qureshi – FCA, CIA, APA (Group Head Operations BOP), and the entire BOP team for their encouragement of PWCC. These initiatives are transforming Pakistan one step at a time.

Niaz MalikLinkedIn Post

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