Mr. Zafar Masud at Pakistan Leadership Conversation 2024 Takes the Keynote Speaker Stage

A thought-provoking session at Pakistan Leadership Conversation 2024. Mr. Zafar Masud, President & CEO of BOP, takes the stage as the keynote speaker.

He will delve into “Integrative thinking: the guide to becoming a value-adding CFO,” sharing insights and perspectives that promise to be enlightening.

Pakistan Leadership Conversation 2024.

The CFO as Conductor: Zafar Masud Reorchestrates Leadership at Pakistan Leadership Conversation 2024

Watch the full session here

In a thought-provoking keynote at the Pakistan Leadership Conversation 2024, Mr. Zafar Masud, President & CEO of Bank of Punjab, transcended the traditional role of a CFO. His address, titled “Integrative Thinking: The Guide to Becoming a Value-Adding CFO,” wasn’t a mere technical exposition; it was a masterclass in redefining corporate leadership for the 21st century.

Masud eschewed the conventional, ditching financial jargon for a powerful musical metaphor. He portrayed the modern CFO as a maestro, orchestrating a complex symphony of various corporate functions. Finance, strategy, human capital – each, Masud argued, becomes an instrument under the baton of integrative thinking, harmonizing into a collective melody of corporate success. The audience, a captive orchestra of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and aspiring professionals, leaned in, entranced by this fresh perspective.

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“The siloed CFO is a relic of the past,” Masud declared, his voice commanding the room. “Today’s landscape demands empathy, a keen understanding of market dynamics, and the ability to align financial metrics with a company’s core values and long-term aspirations.” It was a clarion call, urging a shift from number-crunching to strategic vision.

But Masud wasn’t one for empty pronouncements. He painted his vision with vibrant strokes from his own canvas at Bank of Punjab. He cited initiatives like the Center of Excellence for Financial Inclusion, where finance and social responsibility partnered in a harmonious duet to empower marginalized communities. He recounted BOP’s collaboration with NOWPDP, where financial expertise waltzed with inclusivity to empower individuals with disabilities. These weren’t just CSR anecdotes; they were tangible proof that integrative thinking wasn’t a theoretical construct, but a practical dance towards a more equitable future.

However, Masud recognized the need for open communication and collaboration. He emphasized building bridges across departments, fostering seamless connections with marketing and HR, and engaging in open dialogues with external stakeholders. The CFO, he proclaimed, must be the conductor, harmonizing diverse voices to create a beautiful symphony of success.

Yet, Masud acknowledged the intricacies of this transformative melody. He cautioned about the challenges inherent in the complex score of integrative thinking, highlighting the need for adaptability, agility, and a willingness to embrace the unfamiliar. Upskilling, technological literacy – these became the essential instruments for navigating the ever-evolving financial landscape.

The session culminated in a lively Q&A, where Masud fielded questions with his characteristic wit and wisdom. He advised aspiring CFOs to be perpetual learners, to chase ambitious goals with unwavering conviction, and to never lose their insatiable curiosity. His parting words resonated like a final cadence: “Don’t just be the custodian of the purse strings; be the architect of value creation.”

As the audience left, their faces illuminated by the afterglow of Masud’s performance, one thing was clear: the CFO’s role had been redefined. Zafar Masud, with his integrative baton, had not just delivered a talk; he had orchestrated a revolution. The CFO wouldn’t be confined to spreadsheets anymore; they would be the conductor, leading the diverse instruments of a company towards a shared harmony of success. And on the stage of Pakistan’s leadership landscape, the curtain had risen on a brand new act, one where finance and value creation danced in perfect unison.

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