Mr. Zafar Masud Meets IBA Director to Discuss Endowment Fund for Deserving Students

The President & CEO of the Bank of Punjab (and Chairman OGDCL), Zafar Masud, recently met with the Dean & Director of the IBA Karachi, Prof. Dr. Akbar Zaidi, accompanied by the Head of Alumni Affairs, Malahat Awan.

The meeting was an exploration of possible avenues of collaboration between BOP and IBA to strengthen the existing working relationship between the two entities.

Mr. Zafar Masud meeting with Prof. Dr. Akbar Zaidi, accompanied by the Head of Alumni Affairs, Malahat Awan.

Among the considerations was the idea of setting up an Endowment Fund to financially support deserving students through their academic journey at IBA.

In his capacity as the Chairman of the Board of OGDCL, Masud also discussed the possibility of expanding OGDCL’s existing contributions to the IBA’s NTHP Program to sponsor more students.

Masud apprised Dr. Zaidi of his recent initiative, the Zafar Masud Foundation – A section 42 Not-for-Profit Company, focused on Passenger Safety across all forms of transport.

The Foundation will work towards raising awareness regarding passenger safety, identifying gaps and risks in passenger safety, lobbying government agencies and social welfare organizations to raise safety standards through updated laws and regulations, and ensuring higher compliance with said laws.

Masud expressed interest in employing a consultative team from the IBA to work for the Foundation.

The agenda also included discussions on deepening industry-academia linkages via a series of interactive sessions between graduating batches and the CEOs of leading business concerns.

Mr. Zadar Masud Meets Dean & Director of the IBA Karachi Prof. Dr. Akba

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