Mr. Zafar Masud at BNU Talks

Mr. Zafar Masud, CEO of the Bank of Punjab, took the stage and shared his awe-inspiring journey as one of the two survivors of the PK 8308 plane crash in 2020.

Mr. Masud’s talk wasn’t just about his remarkable story – he brilliantly connected those experiences to the world of business, decision-making, and life itself. His insights on resilience, willpower, and the human spirit left us all inspired and motivated.

During the Q&A session, Mr. Masud stressed the importance of modern education and its role in shaping a better society.

He also touched on the virtues of willpower, the magic of miracles, and the significance of sincerity. Plus, he encouraged us to consider making an impact right here in our homeland.

Source: Beaconhouse National University (BNU) Facebook Page

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