10 Lessons from Zafar Masud — Special Guest at Deans Leadership Course — AKUH Karachi

Lessons from Zafar Masud special guest speaker at Deans Leadership Course AKUH (Agha Khan University Hospital – Karachi)

Posted by Adil Haider on X (Twitter)

10 Lessons from Zafar Masud AKUH
  1. Actions are more important than rituals. There should be intent in our actions and our actions should be concrete with tangible effects
  2. Think about how you want people to remember you
  3. Trust in the goodness of people
  4. Humility trumps arrogance every time as arrogance hinders effective leadership
  5. Show honesty and sincerity to yourself and the people around you.
  6. Clear all your dues, be they emotional or monetary, and keep everything up to date. Fulfil your obligations
  7. Acknowledging miracles but don’t rely on them.
  8. Will power and perseverance can move mountains.
  9. Take bold steps and take control of your life. Capitalize on opportunities.
  10. Effective communication in crisis will reinforce your faith and foster strong bonds with your teams

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