Zafar Masud Discusses Economy Taxation PIA Crash & More in TBT Podcast

Zafar Masud Discusses Economy Taxation PIA Crash & More with Syed Muzamil Hasan Zaidi of TBT Podcast

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Zafar Masud is the President & CEO of Bank of Punjab and Chairman of Oil & Gas Development Company Limited.

Topics Discussed in this Three-hour Long Podcast

Early Life
Growing Up as an Actor’s Son
Living in the Public Eye
From Artistic Roots to Banking
Family History
Socioeconomic Classes as Mindset
His Education
The Story of Getting into IBA
How it went?
Joining American Express
Why Chartered Accountancy?
Experience at American Express
Importance of Emotional Expression for Men
Father’s Health Scare & Moving to Lahore
Joining Citi Bank Pakistan
Career Progression
Working Non-Stop
Taking up a New Role in Barclays
Working with Different People
Pakistani Diaspora Abroad: A Soft Power?
Starting a New Venture
Becoming a Board Member at the State Bank of Pakistan
Switching to National Savings
Transitioning to Government Service
What happened next & getting into BOP
BOP’s Changes Under Him
The Purpose of Public Sector Banks
Privatization of State-Owned Entities
Letting Go of Profitable Entities & Managing Revenue Guzzlers
Will the ‘Single Buyer Model’ change?
Surviving a Plane Crash
Survivors Guilt
Learnings from it
Life After the Crash: Shifts in Relationships?
Tax Collection, Money Printing & Fiscal Stability
The Flaws in the System
Solving the Pension Problem
‘White’ Economy, GDP Projections & Data Insights
Analyzing Dollar Flows
Discussing Taxation in Detail
Wealth Tax
Inheritance Tax
Why is this important?
Are Banks Really Rentseekers?
Demonetization: Would it work in Pakistan?
His Perspective on the Future of Currency
Pakistan of 2050

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