Zafar Masud at Sukhan-e-Iftikhar —Kuliyaat e Iftikhar Arif Book Launch Event

Sukhan-e-Iftikhar —Kuliyaat e Iftikhar Arif (Book Launch) event discussion was initiated with Mr. Zafar Masud by posing a question that as a reader, what aspect of Iftikhar Arif sb. poetry or personality are the most admirable for him.

Mr. Zafar Masud responded that it is a huge honour and prestige to be invited at the event with such grand personalities like that of Iftikhar Sb. and that while he —being a big fan of Iftikhar Sb., still feels out of place and quite insignificant to be able to say anything about Iftikhar Sb.

In the interest of full disclosure, he mentioned that the main reason for him being here is because the Bank of Punjab has sponsored the ‘Kuliyaat’ for Iftikhar Sb. He thanks Ahmed Shah Sb., Iftikhar Sb. and Hoori Noorani Sahiba for providing the opportunity, and, which is a huge honour and pride to be the sponsor.

He further added that how BoP has undertaken the initiative, other the people from the corporate sector should also be highly aware and conscious of the nation’s ‘assets’ like Amjad Islam Sb., Tarar Sb., Kishwar Naheed Sabiha, and that we have to protect and preserve the assets for our future generations.

Mr. Zafar Masud said that Iftikhar Sb and his poetry is best and most beautifully defined by Gopi Chand Narang Sb. and a few others on how beautifully he expresses pain and ideas. He went on to read two works of Iftikar sb. ‘Aik Saniha’ & ‘Dua’ since he felt that were most closely related to Zafar Sb. himself as a survivor of a plane crash.

He also mentioned that as an air crash survivor he always though that ‘someday’ he will write a book, however once he came across ‘Aik Saniha’ it gave him the motivation needed to write his book “Leased Breath”, derived from “Borrowed Heaven”. In addition to ‘Aik Saniha’ and ‘Dua’ another work of Iftikhar Sb. ‘Mukalma’ was yet another piece he closely relates with due to the.

He proceeds to share his deep feeling and relates them with the works of Iftikhar Sb. Watch the full video to know more and catch the discussions with other guests, namely, Dr. Zia-ul-Hassn sb., Haris Khalique Sb., Iftikhar Arif sb. and Noman-ul-haq Sb.

Zafar Masud’s book ‘Leased Breath’ will be launched very soon.

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